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Cedar & Oak Huts & Garden Buildingss

Cedar & Oak design and build shepherd huts & garden buildings, warm cosy and stylish, and built to last. Peter founded the company with the aim to re-design the traditional shepherd hut in a contemporary manner.  Each project is hand crafted using the finest of materials offering off-the-peg customisable designs, He prides himself on attention to detail and coming up with new ideas and innovations to take great things and make them amazing.

Tinman Steels supplied the Corrugated roofing for this Shepherds Hut. The farm is located in the Peak District, nestled just below the Roches. Their goal was to expand their offerings and provide a lavish glamping experience for local tourists within a breathtaking setting, situated in an aged walled garden overlooking the magnificent Peak District landscape.

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Cedar & Oak Shepherds Huts
Cedar & Oak Shepherds Huts

Timber & Steel Elegance

Bespoke-made Steel Chassis with Forged Wheels and Removable Drawbar
Each unit's foundation is custom-built with a durable steel chassis. The chassis features forged wheels, adding strength and longevity to the structure. Additionally, the removable drawbar enhances mobility and allows for flexible placement within the desired setting.

SIPS Wall and Floor Panel Construction
The walls and floors are constructed using advanced Structural Insulated Panel System (SIPS) technology. These panels provide exceptional insulation, making the unit energy-efficient and comfortable year-round. The robust construction ensures durability, with the added benefit of reducing environmental impact.

Curved Timber and Steel Roof Construction with Corrugated Sheets
The roof is an architectural masterpiece, combining timber and steel to create an elegant, curved design. Corrugated sheets not only add a weather-resistant layer but also contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the unit.

Externally British Feather Edge Larch Cladding
The exterior is adorned with British feather-edge larch cladding. This choice of wood not only enhances the unit's natural charm but also offers resilience against the elements. The cladding blends seamlessly with the surroundings, ensuring a harmonious integration.


    The delivery resulting in a galvanised waterproof corrugated roof for this Shepherds Hut, allowing holiday makers to have a relaxing glamping experience!

    In conclusion, Tinman Steels stands as a shining example:

    • Innovation 
    • Dedication
    • Quality in the roofing industry

    What our customers say...

    Pleasure to deal with both James and Ash, great products and expert advice, highly recommended!
    - Stephen Clarke -

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