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Sandhills Alpaca Pods

We are a family team who are passionate about the welfare of our Alpacas and Sheep. 

Being an Alpaca breeder and breeder of Coloured Ryelands,  the Welfare of our animals is paramount.  The pods are designed and manufactured by ourselves taking the needs of the animals into account allows us to offer a true bespoke service.

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Sandhills Alpacas
Sandhills Alpacas

Considered Design

Our pods are used for all types of small animal housing from Alpacas / Goats / sheep, we even store logs and lawn mowers, just to mention a few.

Other considerations in the design of our pods have been.

  • Husbandry: A great area for carrying out your husbandry tasks such as feet trimming drenching etc.
  • Quarantine: They can also be used as holding pens for quarantine livestock.
  • Flies: They provide great shelter in the summer for shade and offer a shelter from flies.
  • Weather: They are designed with adverse weather in mind, offering protection from the sun, wind, and rain.
  • Ventilation: In the prevention of pneumonia ventilation is a very important factor for consideration.

Project Overview

We have supplied several Pods within the National Parks and areas of conservation across the UK

Tinman Steels provided exceptional quality and service, going above & beyond to help us reach our customer expectations.

  • Providing a great shelter for the elements
  • Craftsmanship & Quality
  • Timely Delivery 

Kind Regards, Paul, Maggie & Josh

What our customers say...

After talking with the Tinman family team my decision was made. This company has time and patience for a novice self builder like myself. A very welcoming professionally ran family business. I would recommend very highly.
- Nicola Adams -

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