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Box Profile

Box Profile

Box profile steel sheeting is a modern alternative to traditional 3" corrugated  (wriggly tin) metal roofing sheets. 

Corrugated Cladding

Corrugated Cladding

Tinman Steels Ltd are able to offer 3 different cover widths in corrugated roofing and cladding (sometimes known as wriggly tin)

Tile Effect Roofing

Tile Effect Roofing

Our Tile effect metal roofing sheet is a great option when the look of a traditional clay or slate tile is required.

Insulated Panels

Insulated Panels

We offer insulated composite cladding manufactured to your specification delivered direct from manufacturing.

Z-Purlins & C-Sections

Z-Purlins & C-Sections

We supply Z & C Sections used for roof purlins and wall sections, designed for supporting roof sheets or vertical wall cladding.

Guttering & Drainage

Guttering & Drainage

Suppliers of guttering systems and accessories 

Supply Steel Roofing

We supply steel roofing sheets & accessories

Tinman Steels' attention to service and detail has made us an industry leader. With a wide range of products and services to choose from Including:

  • Box Profile
  • Corrugated
  • Tile Effect
  • Insulated Panels
  • Zed & Cee Purlins
  • Guttering

You're sure to find exactly what you're looking for,  If you require assistance our qualified staff will provide you with expert guidance.

We're looking forward to working with you!

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Why tinman steels ltd?

We have a large selection of customers who use Tinman Steels Ltd for their roofing and cladding requirements.

Tinman Steels can help with roofing on large scale industrial, commercial and agricultural projects, to first time domestic customers who need to replace the roof or cladding on a home project or materials for a new project in a cost effective manner.

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