Insulated Panels in Nuneaton

FM Certified Insulated Roof Panel

The JI Roof PIR Trapezoidal Insulated Roof Panel is certified by FM and designed for use on pitched roofs, as well as for both horizontal and vertical wall applications. It serves as an external insulated cladding panel for industrial, commercial, and public buildings.

With its metal inner and outer sheets, this panel combines thermal resistance with the ability to cover large spans. It requires a minimum pitch of 4° or more after deflection.

We offer custom-manufactured insulated composite cladding delivered directly from the manufacturing facility.


This panel is offered in core thicknesses ranging from 40mm to 150mm, with U values spanning from 0.46W/m²K to 0.14W/m²K.

  • JI 1000R - Insulated Roof and Wall Panel - FM approved
  • JI 1000W SF - Insulated Wall Panel (secret fix) - FM approved
  • JI 1150W VF - Insulated Wall Panel (visual fix) - FM approved
  • JI Eco Panel - Insulated Roof and Wall Panel
  • JI Permapan - Insulated Pan Tile Effect Panel
  • JI Onduroof - Insulated Roof and Wall Panel - FM approved

    Additionally, we can provide a range of insulated panels with mineral wool. Our JI Vulcasteel Roof or Wall panel is a mineral wool panel known for its excellent fire resistance. It is commonly used for partitioning industrial buildings into smaller sections and can also be applied as internal walls.

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