Tile Effect Roofing

Our Tile effect metal roofing sheet is a great option when the look of a traditional clay or slate tile is required but the advantages of steel roofing sheets are desirable, not only are the sheets much lighter than a traditional clay or slate tile, but the speed and ease of fitting is comparable to a standard box profile or corrugated roofing sheet.


Our Tile effect sheeting is available in all of our standard Pvc Plastisol colours in 0.5mm with the option of our anti-condensation drip-stop backing.


Our Tile effect is made up of a 0.5mm Galvanized steel substrate with a primer coating which then has a 200µm plastisol coating applied at the steel manufacturing process which gives a robust and attractive roofing option with a life expectancy of 20 years plus.


Tile effect sheeting is ideal for all types of roofing applications from domestic garden sheds, garages and workshops, to industrial units and agricultural farm buildings.


The Tile effect sheeting has a tile pressed at every 300mm interval along the length of the sheet with a 5 dip trapezoid profile, the sheeting has a nominal cover width of 1000mm.

New for 2019 Pan Tile effect sheeting

New for 2019 Tinman Steels has added to our Tile effect steel roofing range with our Pan Tile steel roofing sheets. This is  avalilable in  0.5mm and 0.7mm gauge in our standard plastisol colours. 

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