Curved Corrugated

Tinman Steels Ltd offers a full range of high strength, low maintenance, curved corrugated sheets, in either galvanised, polyester paint coated or plastiol pvc coated in our 0.7mm 13.5/3 profile.

The 13.5/3R curved corrugated has an effective cover width of 914mm with a double overlap. We can also supply a 10/3 curved corrugated profile for a more traditional look or for a tighter radius. This has an effective cover width of 686mm with a double overlap.


Curved corrugated sheets provide a cost-effective solution for agricultural storage, and are ideal for use in Dutch barns, Shepherd Huts, Nissen Huts and aircraft hangers.

To be able to form the required arc we require three measurements.

  • The Span, this measurement is the distance between the two edges of the Arc running across the middle of the sheet.
  • The Rise, this measurement is the height of the arc at the centre point of the Span to the highest point of the Arc.
  • The Arc, this is the measurement across the spine of the sheet.

We can manufacture any curved Corrugated sheet with a minimum radius of 1.000mtr or above.  

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