Box profile steel sheeting is a modern alternative to traditional 3" corrugated  (wriggly tin) metal roofing sheets. Initially used on industrial buildings its modern appearance has resulted in box profile steel cladding becoming more popular with our customers over the traditonal 3" corrugated profile.


Tinman Steels Ltd standard range of 5 different box profile coated steel profiles are shown in this section, We are able to offer 0.5mm and 0.7mm in 3 different coatings Galvanised, Polyester paint coated and PVC Plastisol coated.
Our TMS-19/1000 Liner panel is available in 0.4mm with a White liner enamel coating 

Details of shape and dimensions of each profile and product are included in the profile drawings below.

We are able to offer a profile matching service for those hard to find or no longer available profiles. 


 To select the profile specifications click on the relevant profile drawing below.



Our Box Profile sheeting is available in

- 19/1000
- 30/1000
- 32/1000
- 34/1000
- RWA6


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