Stock Sheeting

Subject to stock levels and quantities

32/1000R Box Profile Polyester Paint coated Juniper Green 0.7mm in  3.000mtr, 3.600mtr  and 4.00mtr lengths

34/1000R Box Profile HPS Plastisol coated Alaska Grey 0.7mm in  3.000mtr lengths

34/1000R Box Profile PU coated Merlin Grey 0.7mm in 3.000mtr and  5.00mtr lengths

Big 6 Steel Plastisol Coated Goose Wing Grey 0.7mm 3.050mtr.

32/1000R Box Profile G.R.P Roof lights Agri-sheet Class 3 2.4kg 2.500mtr, 3.000mtr

Pig ark sheets 10/3 Corrugated Galvanised 275g 2.438mtr (8ft) span, 1.219mtr (4ft) height

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