Pig Ark Sheeting

Pig Arks

Keeping your own livestock is this years top priority so when looking after sheep, goats or pigs they will always need a warm and cosy home.

These sheets are perfect for making either a short term home or a home for life. Not only are the pig ark sheets a great way to keep your live stock warm and dry but are also ideal for outside kennels.


We can supply our curved corrugated roofing sheets in a number of finishes including galvanised, polyester paint coated and plastisol pvc coated finish.


Our standard range of pig ark sheeting are manufactured from 10/3 corrugated which gives an individual sheeting dimension of 2.438mtr (8ft) span, 1.219mtr (4ft) height from floor level to peak of curve and depth of 830mm with a cover width of 686mm (2ft 3in) with a corrugated profile depth of 19mm and 76mm between corrugations. 

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