GRP Fibreglass Roof Lights


Tinman Steels are able to offer a wide range of GRP Fibreglass roof lights for your roofing needs in different weights ranging from liner panel at 1.83kg/m² and then through the range of profiled sheets 2.44kg/m²,3.00kg/m²,3.60kg/m²,4.50kg/m² and 5.50kg/m². 

 We are able to also offer different classes of GRP fibreglass roof lights where a class 3 product tends to be used on agricultural / none manned buildings through to class 1 fire rated for manned buildings.

 We are also able to offer a range of GRP roof light products including Agri-sheet, Farmlite and Trilite.


 So what is a GRP fibreglass Roof light?  GRP stands for 'Glass Reinforced Polyester' a material made from a polyester resin, which is reinforced by chopped strand mat glass fibres to form a GRP laminate. It is a very popular composite material to use because not only is it very strong but also surprisingly light.


 Our range of GRP roof lights have a light transmission of 80-85%, we are able to offer all our standard profiles in GRP as well as made to measure profile matched sheets in over 2000 profiles including, single skin, built up systems and Triple skin factory assembled insulating roof lights ( FAIRs ).





Agri Sheet


Agri Sheet is the entry level GRP fibreglass  roof light sheet although it is still strong and capable of achieving its job it doesn't have any long lasting UV protectors on the sheet which prevent the sheet from yellowing and staining from pollutants and the sun’s rays. Loss of translucency appears from the point where the sheet is exposed to UV / the elements so at the point of manufacturing the degeneration process has begun, distinct yellowing will appear usually after 3 Years however maybe earlier or later all dependant on its UV exposure.


Farm Lite


Farm Lite is a mid-level range GRP fibreglass roof light which only has a small cost increase compared to  Agri sheet but shares similar properties of the higher costing Trilite. Farm Lite is an innovative product which has the UV protectors from Tri Lite to encourage a longer lasting transparency and non-yellowing for 20 years, the UV protectors also help the product to remain strong rather than frail after intense exposure to the Sun and the elements. The only aspect that the Farm Lite shares with the Agri sheet is its low cost price tag.


Tri Lite


Tri lite is a high quality GRP fibreglass roof light sheet which shares much similar property's to that of the farm lite, However the UV protectors are intensified to ensure the product can remain protected from the UV rays and yellowing for 25 Years. Tri Lite GRP is ideal for industrial buildings where maximum  light transmission  is required as well as retaining warmth within the building, due to thermal efficiency of the GRP.

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