What are flashings and do I need them?


Ridge flashings are used at the apex joint of two sides of the roof when an apex or two sided roof is being installed. The main reason for the apex flashing is to seal the gap between the two sides of the roof to give a weather tight seal.

Barge boards are flashings used on the gable end of a building if fitting an apex roof, or sometimes called corner trims if used on a pent / single sloped roof to seal and close the edge of the sheeting run. These help stop any driving rain entering the roof and also help to give an attractive visual finish. On a pent roof a Mono Ridge flashing is used at the highest point of the roof, this flashing is bent to an angle less than the standard 90° used for a Barge board to follow the pitch of the roof to give a capping used to seal the roof from the elements.

Drip Rail flashings are used to trim the bottom of a vertical cladding run, and window sill reveals.

Our standard Barge and Ridge flashings are made with 0.7mm galvanised steel with the option of plain galvanised, polyester paint coated and plastisol pvc coated.

We can offer these in three different wing dimensions as standard or manufactured to your own drawings. Our standard dimensions are 90mm x 90mm, 140mm x 140mm or 190mm x 190mm all with safety welts each side.


We offer a range of standard flashings including barge boards, eves, valley and ridge flashings which are all fully customisable in widths lengths and angles.

For our custom work we are able to fold any angles needed and flashings up to a total span of 1220mm wide by 2.500mtr long price, on application.

We welcome any enquires for custom flashings

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